For Squid Game‘s fan players, no price is too great — whether it’s risking their lives or taking another’s 😜

We offer all costumes and outfits of the colourful thriller. Join the game now and select your number to play with or against 456 contestants in a selection of 6 childhood games to win the grand prize.


Seong Gi-Hun
성기훈 역

 № 456 

Squid Game’s desperate protagonist known for being a persistent gambler.

Oh Il-Nam

 № 001 

Squid Game’s oldest player dying of a tumor, not helpless as he seems!

Cho Sang-Woo
조상우 역

 № 218 

Graduated from a prestigious university he is one of the smarter players.

Kang Sae-Byeok
강새벽 역

 № 067 

The skilled pickpocket from North Korea.

Jang Deok-Su
장덕수 역

 № 101 

Gangster in Seoul, cruel and unusual player, no God no masters.

Abdul Ali
아누팜 트리파티

 № 199 

Immigrant Pakistani worker struggling for a better future. 

Han Mi-Nyeo
한미녀 역

 № 212 

An isolated woman with children who will do anything to survive.

Game members

Hwang Jun-Ho
황준호 역

Seoul police officer, undercover as one of the staff who organizes the games.


also known as The Front Man, is the enigmatic masked leader who runs Squid Game.